Brake Pad Grease

Anti-Squeal Grease..

You’re cruising toward a column of cars waiting at a stoplight. You apply your brakes and are rewarded with a sound that, like fingernails on a chalkboard, raises goose bumps on your neck – and maybe the blood pressure of the driver in front of you. Sound familiar? Like everything else automotive, an annoying noise…


Synthetic Brake Grease

What is the difference between ‘synthetic’ and ‘non-synthetic’ when considering brake lubricants? What follows is an article on ‘base oil’.  It is here on the ProSlip site to help the DIY motorist understand what they are buying when they chose a brake ‘grease’. Base oil choice is vital when making a lubricant. Cheap base oil…


Red Rubber Grease

Red Rubber Grease….let’s use the acronym RRG – has been around for decades. The reason it’s been around for so long is because the compostion of RRG is pretty basic. RRG is made from vegetable oil, a thickener and red dye. Guys from the Lexus forum mentioned many of their members used it on brakes.…


Classic Toyota


Met Aaron en route to Hamburg from Spain..he was driving a classic Toyota Fastback – a car beloved by his late father and he was driving with his mother and I guess very much with his father on his mind.. Aaron paints wonderful pictures notably of Porche cars….

Fretting Corrosion!

ProSlip PIN prevents fretting corrosion,…..what IS fretting corrosion and what does it look like?   Fretting is a mechanical term describing small,repeated heavily loaded movements between two surfaces – typically metal surfaces. This is the type of movement which occurs when you hit the brake pedal many times during a trip in your car or…