Toyota, Mercedes and other manufacturers are updating workshop manuals to reflect a change in the recommended lubricant for sliding caliper pins to ‘lithium based glycol’ 

Toyota workshop manuals specify ‘lithium soap based glycol’

ProSlip PIN is the only commercially available source of lithium based glycol and the Brake Kit contains two other lubricants needed to service a brake caliper.

Use a caliper pin grease recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Three Lubrication Points

Three Different Lubricants

  • ProSlip Brake Kit – Lubricant for Caliper Pins, Pads and Clips contains 3 x 40g tubes – not available as single tubes
  • ProSlip lubricants are made by Dow Corning  and Shell
  • ProSlip PIN is a high temperature synthetic lithium based glycol lubricant developed for sliding caliper pins…
  • very low friction grease which allows caliper micro movements
  • it contains lithium which prevents fretting corrosion
  • used by British Forces 

  • The kit has enough for several pad changes and flip top lids means nothing to roll under the car
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  • To eliminate brake drag, improve caliper response and prevent seizure watch ‘The ProSlip Way’ video

Fretting corrosion on a Nissan X-Trail caliper pin

ProSlip PIN – the ONLY caliper pin lubricant which prevents fretting corrosion

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Do you know how to lubricate the piston seal? Watch the video to find out!


Look at our FAQ’s page – lot’s of useful info on the do’s and don’ts of brake lubrication -Why should I lube the piston seal? What causes brake seizure? why copper grease is not recommended? what is fretting corrosion? should I grease the bolts?


Currently topics include – twin caliper pistons, salt on the roads, lubricating the piston seal,when to change your caliper..

Is your Brake Grease Slowing you Down?

Most cars suffer ‘Brake Drag’ as the caliper continues to grip the disc after braking. The cause is Improper lubrication of the caliper pin and clips.

Correctly applied ProSlip eliminates Brake Drag and so improves fuel consumption, acceleration and reduces emissions.

Brake Safe with ProSlip.

The ABS system is the Number One safety feature on your vehicle – using the right lubricants is critical for effective operation. Only ProSlip PIN has been specifically engineered to allow micro-movements of the caliper – a responsive caliper is vital for effective ABS operation – keeping you safe.

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